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Tired of the pain from inflammation?

Tired of the side effects of drugs that seem worse than your illness?

Tired of the expense of treatments that just don't seem work?

Is the pain getting you down...ruining your life?


How YOU Too can Reap the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

Backed by Science with...

The Ultimate Turmeric Guide

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The Super-Star of Spices...

With its 50 healing actions turmeric can help or treat more than 70 ailments such as joint pain due to inflammation, arthritis and other systemic inflammatory illnesses.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, with side effects often outweighing the therapeutic ones, turmeric has hundreds of known beneficial side effects that have shown to positively regulate over 160 different physiological pathways.

Thousands have been helped by this ancient spice.  Learn how YOU TOO can benefit from turmeric.

This well researched guide will save you weeks of time looking for solid information on:

  • HOW to Take Turmeric Properly for Optimal Benefit and 
  • HOW NOT to Waste It (like so many others do).
  • HOW Turmeric May Help with YOUR Illness.
  • WHAT you MUST Know About Your Turmeric Source.
  • WHEN to Take Turmeric and WHY.
  • WHY Turmeric May Be the Best Preventative 'Medicine' Choice You Ever Made.
  • DISCOVER Why Taking Only Curcumin Capsules can be Your BIGGEST and Most EXPENSIVE mistake.
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I've done the work for you and dug through hundreds of medical my profile photoabstracts and scientific papers to glean the best and most relevant information.

The TURMERIC GUIDE AND PROTOCOL is the only guide you need to learn how to turn on the pain relieving and healing power of this truly amazing spice. Quickly benefit from correct dosage, method and use of turmeric. It's easy to waste it without that knowledge.

And just as importantly, you'll discover what you don't need.  

This ONE TIP alone will save you money!  I also explain and dispel the numerous MYTHS about turmeric.  But, I promise you, my guide is full of tips and truly useful information.  It will become YOUR turmeric reference book.

Why Turmeric?

Curcumin, the main constituent in Turmeric has been proven to replace 14 of the world's most common drugs such as statins, Ibuprofen, Celebrix (joint pain, arthritis) and other anti-inflammatory drugs, Aricept (Alzheimer's drug), and is 400 times better than the diabetes drug Metaformin. 

And this is just a partial list.

Other important constituents such as the turmerones work synergestically with curcumin.  Together, they are part of the power of Turmeric.

Not only is Turmeric a powerful anti-inflammatory but it has been shown to be effective as the following:


The Turmeric Guide was very helpful, easy to understand, well organized and an important addition to my healthy  lifestyle, highly recommended.  Jeff K. - US

Wow!  Thanks so much for the turmeric guide.  Really saved me time trying to figure out conflicting info about using turmeric.  I like how you back up the info in it with the science behind it.  A. L. - UK

Just when I thought I knew all about turmeric, I found out about your ebook.  My friend told me about it.  It is now my turmeric reference.  Thanks!  G. D. - US

I want to thank you for your guide.  You were right and I am saving so much money with your suggestion.  It works because my arthritis is no longer a problem and I am pain free since starting your protocol.  D. J. J. - Canada

I was surprised at all the information in your book.  I learned so much and I want to tell you that my anxiety issues and overall pain I had (fibromyalgia?) is gone.   Thank you so much!  V. M - Australia

  • antitumour
  • anticoagulant
  • antioxidant
  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial, antiviral
  • antidepressant (stress related depression)
  • natural COX-2 inhibitor
  • cardioprotective
  • hepatoprotective (protects liver)
  • digestive activities
  • cholesterol, lowers LDL and raises HDL
  • diabetes

Discover How YOU can Reap the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric


This is the only guide you need about this truly amazing spice and how to use it BEST!


Dear Friend,

I couldn't believe how FAST turmeric works myself until I tried it years ago for my joint pain and general aches. It's true, the next day when I got up, no pain going down the stairs.  And that's not all.  My pollen allergy is MUCH less...so much so that I no longer need anti-histamines.  THAT was just one of the fantastic side-effects!

If you are like me and so many of my readers, you are TIRED of the pain, TIRED of the side effects of the drugs that don't really help. You're searching for a NATURAL and healthy solution. Turmeric can be exactly that for you as it is for me...if you know how to take it properly.

It's Not MAGIC But For Many It's An AMAZING Solution!


I think I know what you are thinking: "How can turmeric be so amazing when nothing else has really helped me?", right? "How can something so inexpensive be better than many prescription drugs?"

Well, it's YES on all counts and you will discover the why and how it works and most importantly how to avoid the most common mistakes some users make that diminish turmeric's potency.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • BE PAIN FREE of your arthritic joints.
  • Improve your quality of life and move with ease!
  • Protect your vital organs, heart, liver and digestive system.
  • Get a handle on your anxiety and depression (most people aren't aware of this 'side effect' of turmeric).
  • Reduce or even eliminate medications 'everyone' seems to be taking!

...And that's just for starters!

Here's something I hear from my readers all the time:  "I got my life BACK!"

I Know it Sounds Impossible - But I'll SHOW You the Science Behind It.


And Not Only That, But:

  • You will discover how NOT to take turmeric...and avoid the mistakes so many others are making. 
  • You will also learn under which conditions you should never take turmeric.
  • Learn how to tailor the amounts you take daily for YOUR special needs.
  • You can REVERSE many common problems related to systemic inflammation.
  • I personally guarantee you'll be impressed with what you learn from my ebook.

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You have no risk. I will give you 30 days to read and benefit from my 54 page labor of love now available to the public.


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With all my best wishes to your (improved) good health,


PS:  I made you a promise that just one of my tips will save you money, but here's a few more.   My Turmeric Guide and Protocol was written with my readers and subscribers in mind - to answer the same questions so many asked me over and over. 

Questions that were not covered in my articles on my site. 

Questions that I could see were the result of conflicting and confusing bits of info found on the internet. 

And I wrote it in the style that is important for me. 

You see, it is not enough for me to 'take-this-because-it-is-good-for-you'.  I need to know why

The 'WHY' that is backed by evidence based medical science as well as  the empirical/experience based traditions of ancient Ayurvedic medicine, not some hype with ridiculous claims. 

So, I promise you:  no hype and hysteria.

I also promise you: unlike some ebooks,  it is NOT filled with pages and pages of pretty pictures and recipes.

Turmeric can be added to nearly ANY recipe you have already. 

I do give suggestions how you can easily incorporate it in your food (page 44) and you will learn the  one very important, simple key formula for THE optimal way to take turmeric. 

I've also included a classic recipe especially effective before bedtime and two examples of my quick and healthy recipes easy enough to inspire you!

The Turmeric Guide and Protocol is a 54 page digital guide filled with all the information you need to help you on your quest for maintaining or improving your health issues. 




Here's a summary of what you are getting at this special price:
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